Livestock Partner Meeting 27 Mar 2015

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Ethiopian Partner Meeting 27 March 2015


Name of participant Title
(Mr., Dr.)
Position Organization
1 Likawent Yeheyis Dr. Director, Livestock Directorate, ARARI Amhara Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI)
2 Lijalem Abebaw Mr. Director, Andassa Livestock Research Center Amhara Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI)
3 Misganaw Wale Mr. Forage researcher, Andassa Livestock Research Center Amhara Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI)
4 Asresu Yitayew Mr. Socioeconomics Researcher and irrigated fodder focal person, Andassa Livestock Research Center Amhara Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI)
5 Tadele Kebede Mr. Forage Expert, BahirdarZuriaWoreda Office of Agriculture Bahirdar Zuria Woreda Office of Agriculture
6 Bereket Zeleke Mr. Director, Areka Research Center Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI)
7 Shewangizaw Wolde Mr. Forage Researcher, Areka Research Center Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI)
8 Niguse Kifle Mr. Forage Expert, Angacha Woreda office of Agriculture Anagacha Woredsa Office of Agriculture
9 Zewdie Wondatir Mr. Livestock Researcher, Holeta Research Center Holeta Agricultural Research Institute
10 Desalegn Tegegne Mr. MSc student Arba Minch University
11 TekleYohannes Berhanu Dr. Livestock Research Director Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI)
12 Gebrehaweria Gebregziabher Dr. IWMI
13 Schmitter Petra Dr. IWMI
14 Nakawuka, Prossie Dr. IWMI
15 Duncan, Alan Dr. ILRI
16 Aberra Adie Mr. ILRI

Group Photo

Meeting Objectives

  • To properly introduce the ILSSI project and place the site work in context
  • To review progress so far in field sites
  • To review work plans and ensure everyone is on the same page


Time Activity Responsibility
08:30 Registration and coffee Tiruwork
09:00 Introductions of participants Aberra
09:15 Introduction to ILSSI Alan
09:45 Site Selection and initial engagement with farmers Aberra
10:15 Coffee
10:30 Highlights of FEAST results - both sites - discussion Zewdie
Robit Bata FEAST report] Robit Bata presentation
Angacha FEAST report ] Angacha presentation
11:00 Highlights of FGD Robit Bata - presentation FGD Robit Bata discussion FGD report Zewdie
11:15 Highlights of FGD Angacha presentation FGD report Zewdie/SARI
Interventions: Irrigation technologies and fodder discussion IWMI presentation Prossie
11:30 Interventions at Robit Bata:Process, opportunities and challenges ARARI
12:00 Interventions at Angacha: Process, opportunities and challenges SARI
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Group work by site to discuss workplans and prepare presentations on progress and plans - traffic light system.
(each activity printed on A4 sheet. What has been done (in green), what will be done (in red), any questions (in orange)
15:00 Tea/coffee
15:30 Presentation of field books and data collection plans Desalegn
16:00 Next steps
17:00 Close